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Wandering the Sacred Garden

The Sacred Garden of Maliko is a very special place. Not only because I was married there but because as soon as you step into the nursery your entire soul is put at ease. The subtle breeze and sound of your feet walking on the rocks is truly magical. Every time I visit this place I feel instantly relaxed yet inspired at the same time.

The hidden details and messages are very subtle and sweet. Around every corner you are faced with tropical beauty that draws your mind into deep thought. I could spend all day roaming the grounds dreaming and reflecting on how beautiful life truly is.

The first time I took Pania here was on my second Mother’s Day. She was instantly drawn to the labyrinth and began wandering the circles with great intent. This last trip we took with our dear friends Jenny and Noah was even more surreal. Jenny and I watched as Pania and Noah attempted to play chess. Jenny noted how clever Pania was in placing all of the pieces on the black squares, only to remove them and then start again.

If you are ever on Maui or live here this is certainly a spot not to miss. Every time I leave I look forward to my next adventure to this heavenly place.

Lots of Aloha,

Nadia xo Mermaid Mama

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