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We had a really great bonding moment together as a family while in New Zealand. This trip had been an adventure Todd and I have been planning since before Pania was born. It not only marked our first international trip together but a first time surfing outside of Hawaii.

We all were not use to wearing wetsuits and I’ll admit the cold water was startling at first for this Maui girl. But once we all jumped in I forgot about the temperature and was taken aback on how Pania took to the ocean as if she was home.

I believe that travel is so good for the soul and takes us to a place outside of our normal routine. While comfort is nice it is also important to see things outside of your typical surroundings. I’ll admit it can be challenging traveling with a small child but I have found it to be so beneficial for Pania. She adapts very well to changing situations and while routine is good for a child adventure is something they thrive on.

I hear a lot of people with kids say they want to travel but list reasons why they can not. I used hopper to find great prices on flights and found super cute Airbnb listings for a lot cheaper than expected. It is possible to make your dream family trip a reality even on a budget. Our overseas adventure was worth the wait and it certainly will not be our last.

Lots of aloha,

Nadia xo Mermaid Mama

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