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October on Maui

My favorite month has come and gone. I love October because it is the start of the holiday season which is so much more fun now that we have a daughter. The month started off with Halloween crafts with our Mama group. The kids made trick or treat buckets and painted pumpkins at Kanaha Beach Park. I had not been down there in forever and it reminded me of all the fields trips I use to take as a kid.

As soon as October started I was looking forward to visiting the pumpkin patch at the Kula Country Farm. I love the fresh crisp air up there and would love to live in Kula one day.

 Our friends Noah and Auntie Jenny were able to meet us and we had a wonderful time exploring the farm.

Pania and Noah had a blast riding around the patch in the wagon on our search for the perfect pumpkin. Pania picked out a great pumpkin and Auntie Jenny found some gourds.
We all enjoyed exploring the garden and playing in cute little play house. There was also a neat tire swing shaped like a horse that Pania really enjoyed.
The views of Maui are gorgeous and it feels as though you could touch the clouds. We really enjoyed spending the day up there. If you live on Maui, or are planning a visit, I highly recommend going.

Now that November is underway I can not help but think about Thanksgiving. I hope everyone is enjoying their holiday season so far.

Lots of Aloha,


Photo credits: Nadia and Jenny

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