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Laughing at Giggle Hill

Last Friday was a rare occasion where the playground at Giggle Hill was practically deserted. While you could still visit the park the playground had been under construction for quit some time. Now that it is open again it is typically the happening spot for kids.

On this particular day it was just Pania and I so I took the opportunity to capture her at play. We started at the swings, her favorite part, and then went up and around to the slides. I know I should be use to her sliding on her own but it is still unbelievable to me how much she has grown.

As she ran around the tire swing and underneath the slides I took a closer look at the beautiful details and local touches. The community banned together to help fix the structure as it had been faulty and it is by far the best playground I have ever been to.

Mahalo to everyone who volunteered to create such a wonderful place for the keiki to play. If you haven’t checked out Giggle Hill yet you should make a point to visit. We love to go there so Pania can get her swing fix and it is always a blast!

Lots of Aloha,

Nadia . Mermaid Mama

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