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Easy Maui hike for Kids | Makawao Forest Reserve

I have to admit when we first arrived to the forest Pania said she would rather go to the park. She was devastated when I told her our friends, Jenny and Noah, weren’t there as we typically go to Olinda Forest with them. It took a little convincing but once we came across the mountain bike trek she forgot all about the park. I’m sure the modules were not designed for kids but Pania had a blast running up and down the mounds. Park what park?

Not that there is anything wrong with parks as we absolutely love Giggle Hill. But it is always nice to get out and adventure in the forest. The Makawao Forest Reserve is a super easy hike for kids. There are a few uphill spots but for the most part it is a flat walking path about a half a mile long. I would suggest bringing a little picnic and sitting on the logs in front of the second mountain bike trek to the left.

Even though cyclist are on the path there is plenty of room for hikers too. Pania made friends with two sweet dogs and there were other families enjoying the nice cool air. If you are looking for an easy place for kids this is an excellent place. It is somewhat similar to Olinda forest which you can see in my Maui guide video here.

If you end up visiting this great spot leave me a comment below. I would love to hear about your adventure.

Lots of Aloha,


Important Note: As of May 2017 they are doing some construction to the parking area but I believe the trails are accessible. Might want to check here first just to be sure.


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